Saturday, October 20, 2007

1-2 Action is so nice, 10-25 game...

So I made my way over to Harrah's this past Friday afternoon, which will probably be my last day time session during the week, and had a blast. I, of course, played well and got my first buy in spread out to the many lunchboxes at the table. Oh so exciting, I pull out my next two bills and go to work, I get my other two back during one down, I proceed to get another two hundred in the next two downs. So now I am sitting on about $650, I'm ready to go, I got my buy ins back and have an uptick of $250, sayanora. Here is the make of the table though, seat one is empty at hour four, seat two is a young asian girl who is a level one, verging on level two player. Seat three is a level two guy verging on being a level three guy, I say this because he bet his two pair into three players from early position when the flush hit. Seat four is a lunchbox, who had $600 in front of him, and now has $120 in front of him. Seat five a lunch box, seat six empty, seat seven lunchbox, seat eight level three player, Mr. Nick, seat nine a lunchbox, oh yeah, that's me, and seat ten a lunchbox.

Well as I was saying I am ready to go, so I run to the bathroom and get back, now on my way I say if I miss the blinds, we roll, if I get back on time, play through the down to the next and see what happens, this table is primed. Well, I get back and I am under the gun and I look at wired jacks, I make it 17 to go, I get four callers behind me FOUR!!! Seat 10, Seat four, seat five and seat eight. The flop, J 9 7 two diamonds, well I will not slow play this hand with four callers, and a diamond and straight draw on the board. I bet out $65, I get two callers, seat 10 and four. The turn is a 4 clubs, I bet $125, seat ten insta-calls, seat four ughs to himself and folds. Seat ten INSTA CALLED what the hell, does he have a set also, maybe two pair, COULD HE HAVE CALLED MY RAISE FROM UNDER THE GUN WITH 8-10? Does he put me on a bluff? I did show some earlier but the pot did not get this big! After that turn bet he has about $350 left and I have him covered. The river is a four of hearts, I am very happy but I want to make sure I get something so I value bet, $150 and the ten seat goes ALL IN!!! OH SHYTE, do you have quads? I get up and move away from the table as I ask the dealer to count down what I owe if I decide to call, about $155 more the dealer says...this is the fun part. I sit in my chair and I say to him, did you hit quads, he responds, why you got a full house, I say yep, he goes ugh, under his breath and I say CALL! Here is why the 1-2 game is so nice, he tables the 8-10 not suited, that is right not suited! He flopped the nuts and tried to let me bet it out, he called my raise with 8-10 not suited!!!! I take down a lovely pot, proceed to give the table back a few hundred and get up frustrated and leave a big winner, that story is for another day.

As I leave I look over to the ten and a quarter no limit game and see all the money in play, and I do not mean on the table, I know eight of the nine guys at the table, I mean these guys will get up and shoot the shit with me kinda guys, these guys have so much money that this game is the only reason why the show up at Harrahs anymore. I than look at what they had on the table, there was over $120,000 on that table, let me tell you something three of those guys keep that game feed. So if you are ever in Harrahs at about 6 pm ask about the 10-25 no limit game and check it out, they move some money and one of the three that I spoke about will move at you with air when you have the nuts and you would think that he had the nuts...SO CRAZY! Alright I have rambled on long enough!

Stay nice as rice and mello as jello!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

9 4 hearts!!!!

As you know when you go to play you have to go in with a game plan. If you are at a table of unknowns, tight not try to outplay if you raise with AK and get four callers and the flop is a bunch of babies, check and fold. Such as that. Well I headed to Biloxi this past Friday, Oct 12th and sat down at a new game with my bud AT@T, yes his initials do spell this out, I got my first buy in taken due to playing 75clubs from the button and getting a raise and re-raise pre-flop from a couple of lunch boxes and I put them on a large pair a piece, I hit the flop with an open ended straight but was ready to release, but they kept me in there with a $25 bet into $75 in the middle, and the re-raiser just called so...I called, I picked up a flush draw, as the board paired on the turn, this is where the money got in and I missed, pocket kings took it away from pocket queens, who was the raiser. Well I get another $200 in and I lost that, I get another $200 in and I build it up to $600 and I continue to play very good poker. I build up to about $500 and am sitting pretty, I do not have to get involved unless I have a great hand. Well, I look down at 9-4 hearts under the gun, the devil on my shoulder said to raise, and if we hit they will never know! I listened and got four callers! Well the flop is Q 9 4 rainbow! Wow! I bet out, $50, making it look like I hit the queen, or to a good player this looks like a continuation bet to get people out of the pot. I had raised to $15 pre-flop, I get two callers. The turn is a 7 off, no flush possibilities, I bet $100, I get one caller, a lady who has played like a lunchbox. The river is a deuce, she is out of position and pushes all in for $115, I smile and look at the board and go, "you have two pair?" she smiles WIDE, big tell, and says, "my money is in there." I should fold but the value is there to call, I believe I am beat and I should fold, I am putting her on Q 2, seriously...I SHOULD FOLD!!!! I do not, I call and she turns over Q 9 off and takes it down. I am a lunchbox!!!!

Why play the 9 4 hearts? Why try to out play them with this hand!!!!! It was bad! I try to judge my sessions by how much I win, this time, I did leave winning but I had a bad session, I ended up play bad hands out of position and did not get away from hands I knew I was losing in but became a pay off wizard!

The point is, just because you are up, do not change what got you there!

Why do we drop our focus so? Somebody help!!!!

Stay nice as rice and mello as jello!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Twenty Four...

I made my way into Harrah's this past Monday evening at about 3:30 pm and sat down at a juicy 2-5 NL game. I bought in for four hundred and on my second hand I look down at KQ off under the gun and raise it to $20. I proceed to get four callers. The flop is 10c Jh 9c...flopped the nuts, but I do not like the flush draw, I bet out $90 dollars hopping to make the price not right. The next guy pushes in four hundred, I don't like it but at the same time this is what I want. Everyone folds to me and I call. The turn is a red deuce and the river is a red QUEEN. He turns up the AcKc. I loved his action and he actually got lucky on many people the rest of the night. I just don't understand why he would want to push his draw, the nut draw, into three remaining players. I do not understand why you would want to scare that money out in that spot, I understand he had the nut gut shot straight draw and the nut flush draw, many outs, was he scarred that I had hit a set, did he not see that maybe someone already had a made hand, why get all that other money out? His play to me was not the best in my opinion but it worked out and I was felted in the end. I buy in two more times and eventually move down to the 1-2 game because the money has moved to locked up spots or they were smart enough and eventually left. Oh yeah, the guy who felted me after five more hours of play, left with what he bought in for, about $500.

I proceeded to tear into the 1-2 nl game, I build up to $800 and am sitting there picking great spots and making excellent reads. I build up to $1200 and run into a little asian guy who gets me to call his nut flush on the turn after I had flopped top two with KJ. I even went over the top on the river and called his value raise, I was back down to $800. This play happened after about 20 hours of play. I get to about hour 24 and I am at about $1300 and I know that I can not continue, I rack up and leave.

In the 1-2 game I was able to play much more patient because I was not dwelling on the fact that I could get felted in one hand. I know how to get away from hands unless I get that luchbox feeling. I have enjoyed success in the 2-5 NL game but there are times that I or you should realize that stepping down can be easier on your bankroll but more importantly on your mental game.

I look to make another move this Friday, so more to report at that time.

Stay nice as rice and mello as jello!