Monday, October 29, 2012

Birthday, bad beat jackpot history and a little life.

Greetings and Salutations,

I write because I like it, sometimes it becomes a labor and something that I do not like to do because of the time it can take.  I would rather be a-Playing Call of duty, b-Playing Borderlands 2, c-Watching TV, D-working out(just got back into this in July).  I used to LOVE to write but when I finish I have to fix what I wrote and that takes a lot of time.  You see I am the kind of writer that writes what he thinks, sometimes it comes out the wrong way so I have to go back and correct it and make sure it flows for a reader outside looking in.  Maybe, one day I could be an editor...NAH!  I suck.

Okay, so I had my 41st birthday this past 27th of October and I asked for two things, hamburgers on Saturday and taco salad on Sunday.  Two of the many favorite dishes that my wife makes.  Now I am about to bitch because I am very disappointed but I do not want to do so to my wife because I do not want to put anymore stress on her right now.  She is AWESOME!  She is the mother to my four kids and we took in our 14 year old niece, so she cooks for all of us, cleans this house, pays the bills (she is the CFO of the family, I make it she spends it, I have to ask for a stipend, but this works and we are happy) and is working on getting her college degree while still being an awesome wife and mother.  I want to say something but I do not think it is worth it.  So I will put in on here...I have to get it off my chest.  So, on Saturday we had Halloween in my subdivision, I am on our advisory board (pre-HOA) and we fought about having trick or treating for the kids on Saturday or Wednesday.  We finally settled on Saturday which allows the kids to get it, come home and eat it and be sick on Sunday.  Well my wife along with two other neighbors decide to have a block party when the trick or treating was over.  So last Monday she met with a couple of ladies and they are going to have a hay ride, bob for apples, and food for everyone.  My wife volunteered to make chilli, a couple of dips, cupcakes and who knows what else.  I got a great break feast, as I normally do on Saturdays got to hang out by myself as my wife went out to buy a few things to prep for the party Saturday night.  When she got back three pumpkins appeared and she asked me to work with the kids to help carve them.  I didn't want to carve pumpkins but as parents, you do so to make your kids happy.  I started with them and of course all three were gone running around before they were done so I finished them off as I sat in my garage with the candy to start passing that out at about 6 pm.
(I just had to face book a lot of my friends on the east coast, just to make sure they were okay, funny thing is, now they are going to experience something that I did, when Katrina hit.  I was like them, it's just rain and wind no big deal, I learned a lesson and learned it well.  I hope they all stay as dry as possible, stay out of harms way and do not freeze to death.)

Yes, I decided to let my wife take the kids around the neighborhood and I would take care of the candy.  It was cool, got complements on my kids pumpkins.  Check it out:
So at about 8pm nobody is left and I have a bowl full of candy left.  My subdivision is about four years old and most of the construction picked up in the last two years, we are at about 70% finished, 90% brings in the HOA and then we pay dues...weeeee!  Okay, so after that I go down to the block party that has become one house as it got cold,  but it was cool had a couple of birthday shots and drank my first moonshine.  Did I get my hamburgers?  NO!  I did get two hotdogs, a bowl of potato soup and some nacho chips.  Oh, I did get a birthday cake, carrot cake, it was good, but no happy birthday song. Not really bitter about it though.  So Sunday comes around and we go to church, I come home and lay in bed with my wife, she eventually boom boom for me.  HA!  But I got to sleep until the Cowboys game, but I was hoping to get either hamburgers or taco salad.  My wife tells me we are going to have gumbo.  For the love, now do not get me wrong, her gumbo is fantastic but my mind was set on burgers or taco salad.  I got nada.  So 41 was not as sweet as 40,  I know that I should not expect a lot but I did request two things, neither came through and I was put to work most of my birthday.  Alright, that is off my chest.
I got to go to the new casino in Baton Rouge, L'auberge, fantastic casino.

Nice poker room with seven tables, they spread, on the weekends that is not sure about the week, two 2-5 nl games, 3-1-2 nl games and 2-4-8 limit games.  All juicy!  Well I left because the list was monster long, came back at about 1am to play and later that morning they hit the bad beat jackpot, so I was part of history first day opening, of course technically, it was into the second day, but I was present when the very first jackpot was hit that day, check it:
Four of a kind, 10's, were beat by a heart royal flush!
I went a few more times, got snapped off, broken off in after a 10 hour session, felted in one hand...feel like it was my fault.  We are short handed, six people, I have 10-8 off, I limp under the gun.  Two more limp and lady, who I have some history with during this session, opens to $12.  Big calls, I call and one of the other two call.  Flop comes J, 9, Q, two clubs.  She LEADS out for $60 big folds, here is mistake one...maybe...I min-raise to $120, next guy folds she says, "Are you drawing for the club?"  She calls, turn card is a red Q.  She bets $100 into me.  HUH?  Now I know you don't have a full house, I know you don't have K-10...are you drawing to the club and trying to block me?  I think so, so I shove for another $280 on top.  I think it took her 10 minutes to call.  Then she says, I was priced in.  You didn't have enough to make me fold.  I think she is right as she showed the AK clubs for the win on the river as a club hit, but why did it take you 10 minutes to decide, maybe it was more like five but felt like 10.  Either way if that was an easy decision call quicker, right?  I do not like it when they try to reason like that, she had trouble calling because it would have left her with about $100, that was why it took her so long to call.  They must eat this lady up at the 2-5 game!  That one hurt only because I had been playing for so long, so yeah, maybe I should not have played it but I did and SNAPPAGE!  What do you think?
Finally, I got back into the gym in July, free monthly pass, hit it for about two weeks all together and decided to join.  Found out my insurance covers my membership at a lower rate so that was a cool bonus.  I have been working out consistently since late August and am stronger, getting tighter in places but still have a long way to go.
Overall, I have an awesome life.  To get pissed at not getting a burger or anything that I wanted that day is very selfish but I am in a place where I can afford to be, I've worked my butt off to get into a position where I can take care of my family, got my wife a beautiful home and she does not have to work right now.  So yes, life is good but...

You all stay nice as rice and mello as jello!