Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Recent Biloxi Trip

Greetings and salutations! It has been a long time since I put some words down and it is pretty awesome how big the site is! My time away from poker...SUCKS! However, I am enjoying my life as a husband and father, but...

So, I recently made my first move at a live game in Biloxi and I decided to try out the Hard Rock. Here is a quick review...the room is pretty small, only five or six tables. It is located on the right when you walk into the casino, can't miss it. The floor staff, very cordial and open to any questions, really appreciated the customer service. Dealers on a scale of 1-10, '8'. Very personable, and moved the action as best as they could. Also, was fun playing with a couple of them as well, when they got off an put jackets on, love that they can do that in mississippi. Very knowledgeable as well. Another interesting highlight, if you are a rock, very tight. There is not a time rake, they only rake the pot and that is maxed out at $4.

My play was average, there were many spots that I missed opportunities and many times that I made mistakes. The frustrating thing for me was that I made some bad calls and did not play aggressively when it warranted it, basically I was not prepared and the results showed it. I also may have played a little too long, however I had a ball!

The one highlight that I will talk to is this hand, now I had several highlights but this one just reminds me of those grinders that I used to play with and myself, several years ago. Okay, so I am on the button and action gets back to me and I look at two black jacks. Let me talk to Pocket Jacks up to the time I get them. In the previous five hands three people had pocket jacks and made considerable raises, took down the pot and showed them. Back to my hand, I am on the button, under the gun calls, middle calls, highjack calls, so I make it $17 to go, sb folds, bb folds...why 17, we have $11 in the pot, make it $17 and the price of another $15 for $28 was the wrong price...at least that was my thought, and I didn't want to make it look like I had pocket jacks by making it $20 or more. Hi jack is the only caller. I have some history with the hi jack seat, younger player, local, seems to be respected and has played a very good tight aggressive game. Earlier he made me lay down a big hand, so I respected the call and at the same time wondered what he would call with after limping? So my range was A weak, small to medium pair no higher than pocket 8's. He also had me covered. The flop is mixed 2 7 9, he checks and I bet out about $35. He thinks and calls...FRAK! He might have a set and is going to squeeze the milk outta me! Nah, he probably thinks I am making a continuation bet. The turn is a 3 offsuit, no flush possibilities. He checks I bet half the pot, again he thinks for a few seconds and calls. CRAP! Am I beat! The last time he got me off a hand, he had bet into me. The river brings a red JACK, he checks again and I bet 75% of the pot, he thinks about it and calls! Huh? I show my set and he acts like he let me get there and gets pissy! He had not acted like this ALL NIGHT! We were somewhat friendly and I quickly asked did you have me before that jack, he says of course I did. I smile and insert my headphones and stack my chips. BOGUS I think. Now he pulls out about $1000 and sets up. Got me covered again, he did this because I must have put him on tilt and he was going to try to get involved with me and try to snap me off, I was laughing inside because I used to do this and have seen it done many times before. He then goes and talks to an asian kid at another table, who also has a large stack, and they are looking at me while talking...maybe it was in my head but I really affected this guy that bad I should have broke it off in him later. I didn't get that opportunity but someone else did, taking a few hundred from him. So yeah, that was my highlight, I think I tilted a local and it was freaking fun! Yeah, I rambled through this one, hope you enjoyed it. Until next time be it poker or something else...stay frosty and...

You all stay nice as rice and mello as jello!