Saturday, November 24, 2007

Trying to wipe the dust off...

I finally got to get a session in and it has been a while. I sat at a 1-2 NL game this past Wednesday night and settled in for a show. The big stacks had about $800 a piece and at one point they got involved and the Irish fella lost about 3/4 of his stack he eventually got felted and the other big stack took his winnings and left, kudos!

Well the Irish fella starts raising from every position, classic post beat maniac play, he is winning with the worst hands, 5-2 and makes a wheel, 6-3 hits a river gut shot for a straight and he continued to push at people left and right, he even got me later as I made two pair on the turn and being out of position I wanted someone to bet but alas it did not work out and he caught the straight on the river. The funny thing is when I bet $15 and he raises it $45 more, why call? Only if you can beat the bluff, it was checked down TWICE not once TWICE, the flop and the turn and the river puts a straight out there. I watch as he practically embraces the table has his body weight forward and will not look at me, I ask, you got the 5-6, I want to see if I am right, and call, he says, with his accent, you called it correctly as he tables the 5-6 off. Well eventually, two hours later he busts me with the 10-4 spades, from the big blind he made it $10 to go, I had K-10 off and in the hi jack seat, three had limped before me and the button had limped, everyone called the flop was 2-3-10, two spades, Irish bets, asian guy calls, fold to me I raise another $35 on top and Irish and Asian call. The turn is a spade, Irish pushes in $100 plus, Asian contemplates and I say to myself right here...if he calls I fold and if he folds I just may call. Well Asian folded and I say to Irish, you are a lunchbox...but damnit he is leaning in again, SHYTE! does he really have the flush! Well I push in and the river is a blank. He tables that hand I smile and walk away. Gosh, gotta get the dust off, had the read but could not follow through! UGH ARGH UHHHHH!!! Until next time...

Stay nice as rice and mello as jello!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Here Comes the PAIN TRAIN!!!!

LOL! Remember those commercials with the office linebacker that reebok used to air? I just watched most of them on youtube and they are freaking hilarious! So the other night as I was playing in Harrah's, two Fridays ago, I got to say one of my favriote lines, let me tell you how I got to this point.

I sit down at a 1-2 NL game and I see some of the regulars, I sit there for about 20 minutes and I don't catch anything, now remember if you had read any of my earlier blogs one of the many bad things about Harrah's is how slow, utterly slow many of the dealers are, I mean if you can get 15 hands out a down you may make a dollar a hand and at that rate you could average $30 an hour, nah, not these folks, they average about 10 hands a down! Ugh! Alright, 20 minutes and I have not played the small blind yet. Well the next dealer comes in and I get two good hands in a row and I get paid off, I am now up $100. My next hand is J-2 off, I am in the cutt off seat and there are five limpers into me, I decide to make it $17, I get two callers...why? Because they do not believe I can have three hands in a row and/or I may be stealing from this position. Well the flop is repungnant for them, J-2-2. They check as well as I, the turn is an K and it puts a flush draw out there, there is a bet into me and I call the other person folds, the river is a three and completes the flush. This is exciting, but the read I get from the guy in the 10 seat, now mind you I am in the one seat and you can see the excitment in his body language, he bets big, I believe it was like $45. I raise another $100, he goes all in for another $30 or so, I say this as I call the $30, "Here comes the pain train." He shows the flush I show my J-2, he is not happy. I played like a lunch box and got there, the thing was, and this is really not a good excuse, I raised. LOL!

Want to make a few hundred in a 1-2 NL game, come to Harrahs geez! They really do watch the WSOP re-runs and try to re-enact what they is awesome! Alright, if you pay a lunchbox off in the future...NO WORRIES, it will come back!

Stay nice as rice and mello as jello!