Monday, October 31, 2011

New House, Fences and Trick or Treating...

I have been very busy with our new home. Especially with it being brand new, had to hang blinds, had to frost some of the windows, had to set up the washer and dryer, instead of having the new furniture delivered (to save money) I picked it up and put it together. Just a few of the things we had to do as a homeowner, not to mention all of the items we had to purchase. For example, a lawnmover, I have a decently sized yard and three hoses, and three yard watering devices, weed eater, shovel, brooms and the list goes on. It is awesome being a home owner and scary, can't just call the land lord and say come get this fixed. It's on me! Through all of this, poker has always been on my mind. I am always reading people as I ask them questions, through the house hunt and working with our agent in the subdivision I asked a question he could not answer ,"how are race relations in this subdivision?"and I read him and was very comfortable with my read and it looks to be a good far!
So this past Saturday we had trick or treating in the neighborhood. One of the families took it upon themselves to make flyers and pass them out indicating that we are going to do so in our subdivision. We have about 40-50 homes in our subdivision with more being made daily. Our HOA does not start until 2015, so I called the subdivison agent and asked if they sent that flyer, no they had not. Now, I guess that was a good idea, with Halloween being on a Monday, but I did not like something being done without my input, some of my neighbors felt the same way but for the kids sake we went with it. My kids started by giving out candy, then saw how heavy the kids bags were before getting to us so they asked to go themselves, my seven year old went on her own, that is another thing I love about my neighborhood. My ten year old went by himself as well. I walked my three year old around and she ran up to the houses with me sitting in the street, she had a ball! I look forward to being a part of the HOA, setting up block parties, rules and regulating the ones in place. I mean people have white mail boxes, only black allowed. Putting up a fence should have the good side out, some have put the bad side out and they did a crappy job of that! This leads me into my final point...
I started to put up our fence this weekend, well we started yesterday the 30th of October. New home, fences do not come with them unless you buy them but we did not know about the option but no worries my wife wants one, I will deliver!
Well, I got a helpful hand from our kids grandfather. We got the auger, 10-10 foot 4x4 and 30-8foot 4x4. We didn't get everything as we wanted to get the pieces as we went along. We started at 10am after eating a quick breakfeast, we drilled the four holes, lined out the fence line, and thank GOD for Mr. Rudy as he was instrumental in setting everything up. I learned a lot and am in awe, he is 57 and moves around like a 25 year old. Full of energy and gracious enough to take a couple of breaks for my sake. After we had the fence line marked we spaced it out for the 4x4's and started drilling, this was the hardest part of the job, we had to go down 3 feet for the 8 foot 4x4's and had to use the extender to get down two more feet for the 10 foot 4x4s. It wasn't easy peasy either as we had to sit on the auger at times to get it to dig down or we would hit a couple of roots where Mr. Rudy got down and had to move the auger's blade manually in order for us to pull it out. We got the poles into the ground but did not level them out yesterday as we finished up at about 5:30 pm. Today, I am beat! We have a trunk a treat tonight that we are going to in Ponchatoula at the park. I love Ponchatoula, if you don't mind the drive into the city and are looking for a good place to live...look into Ponchatoula, LA!
You all stay nice as rice and mello as jello!