Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My first homegame

This past Saturday I hosted my first home game in my new home.  It was to be more of a social gathering for neighbors but we did have a $20 buy in tourney with 20 minute blinds.  My wife, who is AWESOME, cooked.  She made meatballs in bbq sauce, meatballs in marinara sauce, smoke sausages, dip, and Jambalaya. Then she left, with the kids, to hang out with the wives of the other fellas that showed up.  I am not an alcohol kind of guy, but usually during social gatherings I'll have some, so I picked up a bottle of seagram 7 and a case of bud light platinum.  Both would survive the night as the fellas came loaded with Crown Royal black and two other whiskeys I do not recall.

We got started and had nine players,  someone asked about re-buys (I smiled), yes, in the first four levels, you may re-buy.  We had three re-buys.  I split the purse and three spots would be paid, third started by getting their money back but after the rebuys that doubled.  We got four handed and I think I was second in chips when I limped with k 4 suited.  The big stack min raised, we were at 500-1000, I was last to act and called.  We took the flop of A 8 4, I had been playing with, Animal (his nickname), for a couple of hours and had a good read on him.  His read was he did not like this flop but with everyone else he would always bet if they showed weakness, so I checked in hopes of making a check-raise to represent the ace.  He checked behind.  The turn was a 2, I lead out with 5k, he thought about it and called.  The river was a 10, I bet 5k again, trying to make it look like I wanted a call and was extracting value, and maybe this bet would get him to fold.  Well he asks, how much do I have, I counted out 15k.  He takes a very long time to make a decision, I would say two minutes...he calls and turns over pocket sixes for the win.  I say good call.  He replies, if you would have bet more I would have folded but you only bet 25% of your stack so I figured you didn't want to lose anymore.  I nod, he's a guest and I didn't want to get into a deep conversation on that hand, but it gave me more information and how to get him to fold for now on.

Well he crushes the other two guys and has me out chipped 25-1.  We play 10 hands, six of those hands we gave up and sent the blind over, I went all in three times pre-flop just won the blinds and played hand number ten from under the gun with a limp, with AK.  I hit my king on the flop and check hoping for a bet, nope, he checks.  The turn is a 3, I push all in and he hesitates a bit and calls...he turns over 7-3 and says geez, I thought you were bluffing as a 7 hits the river. That hand would have gotten me even and then I think I would have crushed him from that point, but it was good that I didn't I don't want those guys thinking I am that good (believe me I'm not) and not want to come back.  So I, happily, take second place money and paid Animal his loot.  We then gambled and played "in between"  freaking fun card game, but if you can count cards you can crush it.

Wild Bill is in AC trying to get a "W", so good luck to and prayers to him.

You all stay nice as rice and mello as jello!