Sunday, March 31, 2013

What a life...

Greetings and salutations!  I have been in the middle of living the life.  Just got my bonus and I did not get Chevy Chased, so I am now painting different areas of the house.  We finished the kids bathroom and now are working on the girls room.  Going to paint it pink and purple, their favorite colors.  What is it about the color purple?  I understand pink but so many females love the color purple almost as much as they love pink.  Moving along.  Got my review from my manager, who resides in Dallas and I crushed it.  The one opportunity is going to be an easy fix, it will involve a lot of hard work but when we get it going on a consistent basis...easy street!  Tax time was generous, my wife is going to college so we got to use that and it was good...of course in about three years we will have student loans to pay off.
Poker...had my second home game and a neighbor won it all.  I was in the chip lead but made a couple of bluffs as the eventual winner, who would not lay down after raising with 7-2, missing on the flop, firing on the flop and turn and having to fold to a significant river bet.  I was out two rotations later and watched him march to a very nice victory.  My wife hooked up the snacks, the fellas brought over the beverages and most left intoxicated and not hungry.  I had a pretty good talk with a buddy of mine who I met in the poker rooms and he now lives on the other side of the lake close to me, invited him over and he came over.  We talked about how these young ones are that much better because of the internet and how they are playing the person versus their cards and how well they get it.  We thought back on ourselves and laughed at how bad we were but thought we had it.  Still it is the dream and I will continue to chase it.  Playing pro football will not happen, but hey, poker, still a possibility.
Life is good.  Disney trip is coming sometime in May.  I am pretty pumped as I never got to go there but even more pumped because I can take my family. I might be able to get some real poker in sometime between this writing and the trip but I hope to be back on to blog about it.  Heh.  My little girl sat on an alligator and held it's jaws up...I would not do it...she's pretty awesome...well my whole family is pretty awesome.
No worries in that smile huh?

Alright, until next time.  You all stay nice as rice and mello as jello!