Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Went to a casino...

Greetings and salutations!  I did it, I played a bit of poker!  I met my buddy Wild Bill at Lauberge Casino in Baton Rouge to play the $100 tournament and follow up with some cash games.  I got to the last three tables before I busted.  Had to play like a nit, could not catch anything and when I raised most folks folded.
We got there before the tournament started and were instant alternates, something about a supervisor not being on the floor to help open up another table, but after about 30 minutes they opened a table and about 30 more minutes later I was called to action.  Played very tight and just observed, I wanted to get my feel for the game back and it took a very long time.  I picked up blinds where it was necessary had one scare where a gentleman chased me to the river and folded on my river bet but my downfall hand was pocket jacks in the cut-off, I believe the blinds were 1k 2k with a $100 ante.  It's checked around to the high jack who calls, I raise to 6k, about 20% of my stack, big blind, who just sat down and has me covered asks to see what I have left and calls, highjack folds.  What are we all thinking here?  It would be tough to play this guy situationally because he just sat down and has no idea that I have been playing tight so I am hoping for NO ACE on the flop.  Flop comes A 9 2 rainbow.  He bets into me, usually if you hit your ace you let the raiser bet, because I would have, I fold and he shows me an ace.  From that point on I got extremely card dead and went out with A 10 off, hit two pair to a dudes set and said thanks.

I moved to a 4-8 limit games and gave away $60 bucks, playing laggy is bad in that game.  I finally got into a 1-3 game next to Wild Bill, got my money back up to what I brought plus my tournament money and a few bucks to the good.  I think it is about 5 or 6 pm now.  Bill has to go, I should leave here!  I did not.  When Bill left my range opened up, and opened up a bit too much for my current bankroll.  I was still holding my own until I called a lunchboxes $6 raise from the button with J-5 diamonds.  The lunchbox was drunk and he had bet big to move people out of the way in the three or four hands after sitting down,  I think I can take some of that money from him...wink wink...I'm that good of a player...nudge nudge, plus I have position on him. PFFFT!  We went to the flop four handed.  We saw J 6 7, two diamonds.  Check, check $30 bet, fold to me...I call, fold, fold.  Turn card is a black 8, he bets $85 into me.  Now...I should just fold but I felt like it was a push off bet or Aces, I went with my first assumption.  I called...looking for a diamond and or a 5, but the five may hurt me but again, he either has nothing or aces so the five helps me.  River is a 9 of hearts, he goes all in and has me covered.  I cannot call with just a pair of jacks and if that 9 does not come but some other card a deuce or 3 or 4, I think I call.  Well after that hand it went downhill...two hours later, felt and did not feel like rebuying.  I felt crummy after this session but talking to Bill our conversation put some things into perspective and while thinking through some of my play, I did not do that bad for a time and I should build on that versus after that J-5 hand.  Lets hope I get more time to get over to a poker game so I can apply what I learned.

You all stay nice as rice and mello as jello!