Thursday, January 10, 2008

Table Stereotypes

So yeah, when I step to a table what does everyone see? Yep, BBM...big black man. Some are instantly intimidated, some want my money in their pocket right now, some want to outplay me because of that bully in highschool who I remind them of.

Hell we all look at the different people who come to the table and instantly put them into different categories.

African Americans or as I call 'em Black folk: They gamble their asses off, this comes from the idea that we like to play craps ANYWHERE! Is it a fair stereo type?

Asians...OH WEEE they play fast as hell! Do they? Again, it has been said that they are gamblers who will push it in fast and furious, they are deemed high end gamblers who want to get it fast or lose it fast. Fair?

Caucasians-Old guys...tight! Young guys...wild and loose. Fair?

Women-CAN'T PLAY A LICK!!! Fair?

I am not going to get into what I have been through but a lot of the factors I talked about are true, they are true about everyone that sits at that table. For some time I put people into categories by the way they even dressed. Now I have gotten away from that and use other methods to find the good ones and the luchboxes.

This is what you can do to get yourself away from the stereotypes which can cause you to lose money in the long run.

Check out how they stack their chips. One thing I do hate is the "Bitch Stack" what is that, when players start stacking their red chips in $50 increments and white chips in $10 dollar columns...ERRRR it eats me up! They are taking up room and it just looks silly. The reason they do this though is because they play at home games where the table probably moves a great deal so a smaller stack is a safer stack. Also, they probably do not know how to cut their chips so,"let me put them down like's easier!" UGH! Yet, if they have their stacks nice and neat, they are not going to want to get out there and gamble too much, if the stacks are haphazard get ready to rumble.
How do they handle their chips, do they know tricks, do they mess with their chips at all? Players who know tricks have spent a lot of time at a table, does that mean they know what they are doing? Not always but if they know tricks they might be a little more patient. So look out for that.
When they bet, is it fast and furious or do they take their time. Sometimes a pro can mix up his game and bet fast too look fast, over time while sitting with him/her you will figure this out. If they take their time is it because they are drunk or are they thinking about what you have and how much they can extract from you? Be careful of the thinker.
Table talk, if they are constantly talking about the WPT and or the WSOP on ESPN...lunchbox! Get ready to get paid. If they are talking about outs, and possible this and or very very careful with him/her. Also, just because they talk a lot of shit, like "Call me, you know you want to!" Most of the time, they are bluffing!
General table etiquette, playing in turn, not talking while out of the hand. If a player is doing this watch out for him/her. If the player does the opposite, he has gotten lucky many times and that is why he/she is at the table. Get ready to get paid.

So next time, look at how they play and not who they are, it just might help in the long run!

Stay nice as rice and mello as jello!