Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I headed over to Harrahs friday afternoon and started my day at about noon, at 2:30 pm I am walking out of there down several hundred and shaking my head in shame. I head home recoup and get back over to Harrahs where I meet big Bill at about 6:30 pm. We are at the same table together and I watch as Bill beats the table up and two hours later he walks out, uptick several buy ins! NICE JOB BILL! I however, grinded away and lost my first buy in, I rebought asked for a table change and moved over to a table by the rails. I sit next to this guy with a fult tilt hat and sunglasses, thinking nothing of him. I observe all the stacks at the table and see that some of the folks must have gotten lucky. The guy next to me has way about him but again, I blow it off. About six hands in I pick up AK off, I make it $15 to go and proceed to get four callers. I am in the high jack seat, two off from the button. I have position. The flop is Ac 2d 8d, check around to me and I bet $40, they fold around to full tilt, who stops and thinks about it, he looks at me and asks how much to I have left, I count out my money and he sees that he has me covered. I immediately put him on a range of hands, deuces, fours, diamond draw, A2 A8, Ace weaker than me. He goes, I am all in...I again run through the range and take him off of the sets, because I do not think he put me on a diamond draw. I did not put him on two pair so it must be weaker Ace...I called, the board paired the 8 and the river brought the queen of diamonds. I for some reason knew I was beat. He turns his hand over and says, "Did I suck out on you?" as he tables the AQ off. I muck my hand and take a long walk. My only reason for being upset is that I got felted again. I do not think that his play was bad, I actually might have gotten the wrong odds to make that all in call, but I felt that I had the best hand and that was the only reason why I called, and I was right untill the river.

I get back in a game three hours later, sit next to this guy again at a different table and we talk, and he talks about the suck out, I explain that it happens and that it was not a bad beat but a bad way to lose was all. This was an interesting way to meet one of my fellow bloggers, the Virge, I learned this fact later during the wee hours after making all of my money back and upticking several hundred more that he was who he was. We had a blast cutting this table up, as I was the chip leader and he was running a close second. It was fun and I hope to sit with him at future tables.

Alright, thats all for now, stay nice as rice and mello as jello!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Biloxi...SO NICE!

I made it to Biloxi and played in one of the 7 pm tourneys and played in the JUICY 1-2 no limit games! My goodness, if you were not there you would not believe the action that was on the table. In the 1-2 games you had guys who would push just to push because it was not there limit, I had 5-10 players who bought in for $1000 at a time who lost over $3000, it was so nice!

Let me tell you about my 7 pm tourney experience, now I am more of a cash game player and I do well in tournaments not as well as my fellow bloggers but they know I have skills, they just need to be sharpened. Well I am sitting well with about 2500 on the second level of play where the blinds are now 25-50, I am two from under the gun and look down at A Q off, I fire a standard raise of 150, folds around to the small blind, a lovely gal who has not played a hand yet, other than her big blind. The flop is a rainbow with a Q, she checks I check, ( I put her on AK, AJ, medium pair at this point). The turn is a brick, she checks I bet 300 she calls,(oh yes, she's chasing!) the river is another brick, she checks again, I obligate and bet 1100 (please just call, if you just call...I WIN!), she calls, I table my A Q,(with a huge smile on my face) she shows pocket kings!(The smile disappears) This is how good I am, I bet for the best hand. These are the players that I run into, I never knew where she was, my read was way off and she gave me no reason to feel that I was in trouble. If she did this on purpose GREAT JOB, but I do not think that is what happened. I believe she was willing to check it all the way down, my only reason for that is because the river did not help anyone and with a hand like that a check raise would have been a bit more correct that a check call. I eventually got busted by a lunchbox. That simple hand told me that poker, especially No LImit hold'em will be here for some time, and the bad players will never dry up. I love Poker! More on my cash games later.

Stay nice as rice and mello as jello!