Tuesday, December 23, 2014

End of the year and I still suck at updating this blog!

More for me than anyone else but if you are reading, Greetings and Salutations!  2014 is winding down, shopping is done and food will be prepared for our celebration on the 25th.  I am going to Vegas in February and want to get one or two nights of play in that wonderful town.  I am going to hit my buddy, Mark, up while I am there to show my the appropriate room to take down some donkeys.  I do want to play at Aria though.  I will also hook up with some friends that have made Vegas their home and hang with them for a night.  My company is flying me out there so that we can have meetings about our company and reward those who did very well in 2014.  First time they allowed Operations Managers to attend in the four years I have been with the company...looking forward to a great time.  The only set back is my family will not be there.

Currently, I am gaining weight at levels not known to man, but seriously, I get back into the gym and hurt my knee, fix that get back into the gym for about two weeks and hurt my back, get over that get back into the gym and get a major sinus infection...so many setbacks.  So, we are going to be back at it again and I hope to shed about 30 pounds before this Vegas trip.

I am also coaching three basketball teams, yes, three!  Not as daunting as it sounds.  We only practice one hour a day once a week, due to gym space.  The have leagues for girls and guys starting at five years old!  I am coaching a 7-8 team, 9-10 team and a 13-14 year old team (this team actually has my son on it).  I really enjoy watching the kids develop and grow as players and I hope they can take something from me that will make them great.

Thoughts run through and my fingers whip away at the keyboard, being of mixed race, Korean and Black, I call myself Korblasian, it does not sit well to see all the issues that the media have blown up.  From the Garner case to the hands up situation to the kid in Cleveland.  Trust me, as a guy married to a beautiful little white woman, there are people that do not like black people out there and a lot of police officers look at race and pre judge, most of the time.  I appreciate and even wanted to become an officer at one point in my life but it did not work out.  They are under pressure more than most people are in their everyday grind and their pressure tends to deal with bullets sometimes.  However, as an officer of the law there is a higher expectation I have for you.  You must be able to communicate in a mild manner and when in a situation that does not need violence talk the person down, get them to an understanding that they are going to jail.  In the Garner case, perfect example, the guy was surrounded and was voicing his outrage but he was not going anywhere nor was he going to actually get violent.  Officers decided to become violent instead, why?  Did they need to get him out of there before it started a riot?  Did they think he was going to become violent if they did not subdue him right away?  I think he should have been talked down and made understood what was happening so that he would be alive today.  Sorry to say this but it is tough to be black in this world.

You all stay nice as rice and mello as jello!