Friday, September 11, 2009

Missing reads yet seeing them at the same time...

What is up? So I had a pretty bad weekend, compared to the last 10 sessions, I took a couple of losses. No worries, you got to take these hits every now and than, yet, I believe I could have got away from them. This is the difference between amatuer (Me) and pro (Phil Ivey).

Okay, here are a couple of rules you should follow before going in to play live action. 1) GET A GOODNIGHTS REST! 2) Have your strategy set and adjust during the game 3)When making a big decision-slow down, walk backwards and understand the action up to this point.

Well Friday night, the cards were just not coming and the best hand I saw after two hours (actually one hour) just felt like two hours, was q 10 in middle position, I limp in so does the button, small blind and big blind taps the table. The flop came out Q 4 6 rainbow, I fire out a three quarter bet hoping to take the pot down, button calls and the blinds fold. The turn is another Q...I decide to bet $ the button says, "How much?" The alarm bells should have gone off in my head, BUT THEY DID NOT. I say what I bet and he calls. The river is a blank, I fire out $100 and he says all in...could I have gotten away from it before betting $55? Nah, could I have not bet the $100 on the river after the call on the turn, if my spidey senses were up, YEAH! Well, I call the extra, whatever, and he shows Q 6 suited. Now, we are not talking about the beat here, we are talking about how I could have possibly gotten away or paid less for that river.

Saturday, did not get enough sleep AGAIN! Even though I thought I did. I'm doing alright until about an hour into the session and I am under the gun and had straddled, six people called the four bucks, when it gets back to me I look at pocket 10s and pop it to $35. I get two callers, middle position and the button. The flop is 9 2 3 rainbow, harmless. I bet out out $55, middle folds and the button says, "HOW MUCH?" (YOU FREAKING KNOW HOW MUCH LUNCHBOX, YOU WATCHED ME STACK IT AND PUSH IT ACROSS THE FREAKING LINE!!!!!). "$55", I say. He called. The turn is a Q, I quickly...again I say, quickly run through what he may have, here is what I say to myself, "AQ, did he float with AQ, nah, he made those over bets when flush draws hit earlier, lets make sure and bet $100." Yes, that is all I thought about! What should I have, over pair, aces to jacks. Set of nines, deuces or threes...two pair maybe. A whole lot that beats me right? After I bet he goes all in, now I should againg think on it, right? I DON'T! I call and he shows a set of threes! The funny thing is he thought he out played me, NO LUNCHBOX, you profited off my freaking MISTAKE! I make bo bo you make money! YOU SUCK!!!! Sorry, I uh, got a little out of hand there. I basically beat myself this weekend and hopefully this will be a cleansing for me.

In conclusion, I may not have gotten away from these hands but I could have paid a lot less to see the beating.

What quesitons might you have?

Stay nice as rice and mello as jello!