Tuesday, December 11, 2007


So let me set up the title...I, again, am playing in a 1-2 NL game, it is the weekend before the main event at Harrah's and I hope that I run into some goofy lunchboxes. I sit down and am greeted by a regular who says the table is "tighter'n shit." Well after hour six and up only $120 I understood what he met. He had moved to the 3 seat and I was in the nine seat. At hour seven I was up a few hundred and this hispanic fella sits down in the ten seat and seems to play well until this hand. Seat 10 is on the button, four people limp to him, he does and the blinds call and call. SEVEN to the flop! The flop, 10c 10s 4h, everyone checks. The turn is a Jd, everyone checks to the button who finally bets, the small blind calls EVERYONE ELSE FOLDS. The river is a 2s, the small blind makes a VALUE BET. I do not remember what was in the pot but lets say, 7 at $2, $14, with the bet and call on the turn of about $15, so now about $44...the small blind bets...$20. WHAT DOES THE SMALL BLIND HAVE...AT LEAST...two pair Jacks up? I don't know, well button calls and shows, A4! Small blind has Q10...takes it down. Seat ten pays off three other people, but when the time is right to call, he folds! Well I have been playing pretty tight and at about hour 8 I get involved with a multi way raised pot, I think it was four callers five of us saw the flop. I told myself, I am in the hi-jack seat, that if I miss and it is checked to me,(hispanic guy is in the hand and is the button, because the actual folded), I am going to bet to win the nice pot. I miss, I make a nice Value bet, hispanic guy calls, everyone else folds...here is the board...2 7 9, I have J10, so I have a gutter ball, but I wanted to take it down. The turn is a KING, I bet again, another Value bet, want it to look like I want a call but etc etc. He calls again, I miss on the river and give up...he tables 2 3! I look at the hand and go "What is up with that...what made you call...do I have a tell or something?" He says why did you try to bet me off the hand? I go, what...there were three others I value betted to take the pot down, I bet into everyone you called with the worst pair. I actually was trying to explain something to a lunchbox...it did not penetrate his cortex! I asked, "do you understand?" He just says..."Value bet, what's that?" I get up, and say forget this...and I am pissed at myself off for saying this, but I may never see this guy again but I did say..."Wha...You Suck!" In response, and I left. I know that if I would have put more time in, he would have paid me off or someone else, but it was inevitable! UGH!!! I win $32. Until next time! YAAHHHHHH!

Stay nice as rice and mello as jello!