Friday, February 10, 2012

Headache, taxes, Obama Rant...but life is good!

I squeezed my eyes shut hoping that the burning sensation at the pinch points would dissipate and remove themselves from my eye lids.  After several attempts it started to work.  It is not often, no, I cannot remember the last time I had a headache that hurt this bad!  It is one of those pains that burn the temple and you are rubbing at it ineffectively but for some reason, you think it feels better...NOT!  I took some sinus medicine as I think it is a sinus issue and got some Excedrin from the store manager.  I am still walking around smiling but this really hurts!

Well we got our tax assessment back and we are not happy.  We bought a house last June and we are going to get less back than from 2010...maybe this is part of the headache effect?  I want to say this is because of the Obama administration, but I can't do that without any proof.  Speaking of Obama, what has he done to help better the country?  Obama care(mandatory healthcare), got Bin Laden(inevitable), won the Nobel Peace Prize, and...what else?  Sorry, just frustrated that people are okay with our government telling us what is good for us.  Seat belts, by now, it has been burned into us that we need to wear them, or else you go to jail.  Common sense tells us we should wear them for safety purposes.  Sometimes they get it right but is it right for them to tell us what we should do?  It will, promise you, get to a point where we will be run by the government and not running the government, because the government is for the people.  I cannot say that a republican is better than a democrat but I have two good examples...Reagan and Clinton.  Reagan got us back on our feet after Carter put us in a hole and Clinton made money as our President, heck the only bad thing I can remember about him was the Lewinsky issue.  Reagan worked with both sides and got things done.  Clinton did the same and balanced the budget.  Bush screwed up but Obama knew that, don't continue to blame, we know, FIX IT!  So seriously, what has he done?  Please don't say he is being obstructed, he had it all when he came in, that is why democrats lost all those seats, they got too big for their britches.  Argh! let me get off my soap box.

Now my return to the felt may be delayed as I was hoping to use some of this tax money to play, but according to the CFO, my wife, it ain't looking good.  No worries, I have some other things in the mix to make sure I get to that felt and it should and will be glorious!  E-bay anyone?  I got action figures, comic books, and sports cards to sell.
Bobba Fett and Stormtroopers at attention.
I really don't have a leg to stand on when it comes to complaining about life.  All my complaints are selfish because I want something.  My family is healthy, other than my four year old who has bronchitis, but she is getting well.  I have given my wife a beautiful home and things are good.  Of course we got a little stretched thin because we went crazy with credit but we accept that responsibility and will get it fixed.  I guess what I am saying is that this blog is for me, for me to put more of me out there to maybe...get it off my chest(as I shrug my shoulders), that I will have to continue to work hard, raise my children and be a great husband.  Even though wanting to play poker, more often, tugs at me.  Yes, I like to ramble.

Wild Bill made a final table in the 6-max in Tunica, SWEET!  I hope he hits another and hopefully does work in the main event.

Short and all stay nice as rice and mello as jello!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Superbowl weekend, a funny experience and Action shots!

Lots going on today and into the weekend!  We are hitting phase two of my warehouse Five "S" project which I had to recognize and react to and change it up a bit, but I'll get the same result in the end.  Hard work pays off folks!  I cannot say enough about the position I am in, I will continue to thank God for this daily and if it turns out to not work out, I'll thank God for the experience.
This weekend we have two carnivals going, one in Slidell and the other in Metairie, can't recall what the crews are but I think I am going to record a couple of them to re-live the experience and post them for those way outside of the New Orleans area, these parades are big time!
We also have the Super Bowl, as a guy who has played football for half his life, this is something I'll never be able to experience first hand but it is a good time to watch and enjoy, they really leave it on the field for this game.  I think the family will be heading to a neighbors house for a bit to socialize more than watch the game.
I had a very funny experience last night as I left work.  Let me start with some history.Right next door to our building a gymnastics training facility has opened and the place does not have a lot of parking.  I as a new business in the area and understanding that we will not have a lot of parking would make friends with your neighbors and visit with them to see if it would be a problem to utilize our parking lot, after hours.  They did not, they talked to one of our inside sales reps, who just told them what our hours were, well they took that as, we can use their parking lot after 5pm.  We had to correct that...quickly.
Shot from our door, my parking lot.
They had about five cars in our parking lot at 4pm last week and had filled up the businesses parking lot on the other side of them plus their own, so we had kids, parents and grand parents looking for parking and since we were next door, why not?  My store manager is VERY aggressive and did not want them parking there, good reason, it'll take spaces away from her customers and in our experience trash starts to build up and we did not want that to happen.  So she and I went next door and walked through the hundred or so gymnastic girls to get to the front desk to ask them to not park next door, my store manager noticed the sign on the door that they could park next door after 5 pm and she went off, in front of the kids.  I'm a big black guy...I was blushing.  I wanted to be very neutral and understanding of their situation and not be too aggressive but that went out the worked so we rarely have to tell folks not to park in our parking lot.  I am 100% sure that they are, they are doing it way after we leave, but don't let me find trash out there, then the PAIN TRAIN will be coming.
The neighbor, gymnastics and good loud music
So the picture shows how close they are, I've tried to open that door.  Okay, back to my story, I've given the history so yesterday at about 5:30 pm as I was leaving to go home and SUV pulls in and parks, now I really don't have a problem with this but I tell myself they should wait until I leave then I tell myself not to be a punk and let them park.  So I get out of my car and notice it is an older gentleman, "Excuse me sir, you are going to have to park at the facility next door, we really don't want anyone parking here after hours, thanks."
He looks at me, for a second, slowly turns back to his SUV and throws his hand at me like he was going to block my lay up and says, "Fooey!" and I think something else under his voice.  I laughed all the way home, fooey?  I can hear nincompoop from that same source.

I discovered a cool function on my Samsung Infuse Android phone, my camera has this action button and takes pictures like this:
My youngest running up a dirt pile and down it.
I think it's pretty cool, I was snapping shots of them swinging on the tire swing, all kinds of ACTION shots of them playing.

I believe I will be hitting the felt on the 17th of February, I have been brushing up by reading a couple of blogs Ed Millers and Mitchell Cogerts and re-reading Harrington on cash games, also re-read low stakes hold'em, which was all about beating low LIMIT hold'em, not no-limit, but the thought process was similar just need to adjust it a bit for no limit.  I'll be talking to a buddy of mine this weekend, I hope and talk through different situations and the metagame.  Just look forward to bringing more wins home than losses.

I know Wild Bill is in Tunica, good luck brother.  I think Gene-O will be heading out there as well good luck to you as well!  Prayers coming for both of you.

You all stay nice as rice and mello as jello!