Sunday, August 5, 2012

Belle of Baton Rouge

Took a drive over to the Belle of Baton Rouge to play a little poker.  I thought they would open a 2-5 NL game but they did not.  I sat in a 4-8 limit game and it was bonkers.  Everyone thinks it is okay to chase you down, it got so bad I started to do it.  I had to rebuy and that brought me back to reality.  This is what $500 looks like in a 4-8 limit game.

I got aces three times and won with them, I got kings once and lost with them, a pretty big pot, it looked like it ended up being about $180.  I got AK twice, and won, made a full house on the river on the last time I got it, but I didn't need it.  Guy raised me on the turn, where I make two pair, I popped it back and he just calls, then I river the king, he checks I bet, he calls.  He mucks. I have to be able to focus in on the hand I am in, I lost track and missed a couple of tells that would have told me I was in trouble but I did miss them.  I did pick up certain things as these folks did not know how to bet while in position, for example we had a flop that came K, J, 4 at one point, five of us were in the hand.  I was the small blind, I checked and it checked all the way around.  The turn is an 8, I bet I get two calls, hi-jack and the button, the river is another king, I check, hi-jack checks and the button bets...'huh'? You don't have a king or a jack, a missed straight, I call, the hi-jack folds, button shows me Q-9 as he folds, I show my A8.  Send me the pot.  Overall, I got hit in the face with the deck, I was blessed.  This was my best, low limit session ever!

The Belle has four tables, I think when the new casino opens at the end of August it is going to hurt them even more they might lose those tables.  I do understand that the Belle has a $50 NL hold 'em tournament on Sundays that starts at 10 am, 1000 in chips and 15 minute levels.  The dealers were okay, now there may have been one or two that take their time dealing, I believe one of the regulars counted SIX!

You all stay nice as rice and mello as jello.