Monday, December 30, 2013

The end of was a good year.

Greetings and salutations.
I had to get on here and throw down some thoughts on how the year went for me and to set some expectations for 2014.
Poker has really taken a back seat, I live through Gulf Coast and some friends in Vegas.  I truly plan to get back into action in 2014, slowly but surely.  My action figure business did not get off to a good start and following up on that with my other responsibilities hurt my slothfulness.
I found golf again and I have really gotten into it but I SUCK right now, my last score was a 115 last month...I need to practice, but do not get out there to do it, so that will be part of my weekly life.  Getting back into poker is going to help supplement my golf outings and practice, I am going to try to become a scratch golfer in two is half full!
I got back into the gym and was very consistent until November, but I dropped an official 34 pounds in 2013 and plan to get 80-100 pounds in 2014, I have a great game plan and with the results of this past year I need to piggy back that and get better into the new year.  Also, less weight will help with the golf game and the ability to stay at the tables longer if needed.
Work, was good far too many items going into block and quality and I had to write off, that will affect my review and bonus but I have identified some items within myself that need to be fixed in order to have a better year.  Power walks need to happen daily, pre-shifts on a daily basis, follow up on all PIT inspections, break down the safety topics, stabilize the inbound process and control block and quality.  These keys will drive a consistent workforce and get my small building back into shape, not saying we are that bad off but if you do not expect the best, mediocre becomes the worst.
I have a new employee so I have some expectations for him and my floor lead, who is very young, will have some lofty goals but attainable, they will keep him busy.
I started coaching 11-12 year old basketball and my team won one game.  I am coaching again in 2014, we have had three practices and my team looks great.  Our first game is this Saturday and I expect a win.  I hope that I can teach these kids a bit about basketball as I am channeling Coach George Diaz and Coach Cordova, my eighth grade and ninth grade coaches.  I played varsity in high school and could have gone and played basketball in college but I had more success as a football player.  However, I learned most of my basketball from these two great men, we dominated the scene as 8th and 9th graders.  Flashback over.
It was great seeing all the good people who I call friend and who I know have healthy babies and I hope that they grow into great conservative adults who push the small government viewpoint when they are our age.
With my family, more time.  More time is what needs to applied to all of them and with that continue to show them the correct values and to walk the Christian path.  Always more love, right?
So it looks like, poker, weight loss, better golf game, healthy work ethics, successful basketball season and more love to the family, never enough love for the family.
Hope your 2013 was a good one and looking forward to a great 2014!
Stay nice as rice and mello as jello!

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