Thursday, August 22, 2013


Greetings.  Not that it matters to many but it matters to myself.  As I am watching the Barclays and switching from it to the football game I realized what my buddy J.P. meant when he said I was opening too soon when I drive the ball.  We had a text conversation about a week ago, he told me what he saw after reading my blog and looking at the video.  I went back and looked at it myself and did notice that I was casting a bit but I could not see where I was opening up too soon.  It somewhat frustrated me but it was not until today as I watched Stadler, who is leading, hit the ball that I realized that I am not always on the right plane and that is why my shoulders are opening up too soon and why I am casting at the ball, probably creating an outside in motion which pushes the ball to the right.  I JUST REALIZED that as I took some practice swings with a diet dr. pepper bottle.  I noticed that my right shoulder was not lower than my left when I was swinging through and that my left shoulder was opened and my hands followed and I saw the cast!  Wow!  Now I need to get on the range and hit some balls to get the right feel and get that muscle memory involved!  Thanks J.P!
J.P. Stadler is doing work even with that gut!
Enjoying the WSOP Main Event coverage.  Maybe one day I will get to play in it.  Quick and sweet!  You all stay nice as rice and mello as jello!

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